High School Clubs






Student Council Ms. Jane A. Cuesta To help the school in implementing rules and regulations.

To be a role model of being a Christian leader in our institution.

General Meeting of upcoming events for major and minor projects

Teachers’ Day Program

Peer Tutorial – before long tests and quarter test.

“Pamana” Project – book for a cause.

Christmas Jam ( Bata, Bata Treat Kita)

Coordination with YSC

Garage Sale


Garage Sale

Teachers’ Day Program

Fusion (Battle of the Bands and Song Composition)

Purity Ball

Dance Ministry Mr. Angelo Torres To minister about the love of God through dance and engage in worshipful performance opportunities in school and community. Special Number:

  • Christian Emphasis Week
  • Buwan ng Wika
  • Teachers’ Day

Dance Seminar

Praise and Worship Ms. April Rose Dechaca/ Ms. Gamila Serojales To lead the students in worshipping our great God in Spirit and in truth.

To develop the God-given talents of students and to use them to glorify Jesus.

Fellowship every Monday

Practices every Tuesday and Wednesday for chapel programs.

Campus Ministry (Heart of Worship)

Power Prayer

Christian Emphasis (Praise & Worship Song Leader)

Christmas Serenade Camp D4G

JS Camp

Camp D4G

JS Camp


Glee Club Mrs. Rowena S. Belar To provide students with greater opportunities to experience personal dignity as human persons and assist them to acquire knowledge, techniques and habits in singing which enable them to lead a fruitful Christian life.



Classification of voices

Practice for songs per voices

Note reading

Buwan ng Wika Special Number

Senior High School Orientation Special Number

Regular Assignment for National Anthem and FCS Hymn every school’s program

Caroling Caroling  

Voice Quest


Kiwanis Induction of Officers – National Anthem
Key Club Ptr. Adrian Ilagan To develop competent, capable and caring leaders through the vehicle of service. Election of officers


– Self-concept

– Servanthood

– Leadership

– Service and Community

– Authority and Responsibility

Help the school community in service.

Assist in every school activities.

Lend help in the YSC feeding program.

To be part of the anti-bullying campaign.

Equip the members of key club in Servant Leadership.

Arts and Crafts Ms. Alex Pineda To enhance students’ artistic abilities.

To expose students to new tips, techniques, and medium of art.

Created their own style of letterings to be used in program decorations.

Teachers’ Caricature

Teachers’ Day Stage Decoration

Buwan ng Wika stage decoration

Elocution Festival (ribbon/sash for the winners)

Planetarium Visitation

Visited Planetarium
Chess and Dama Mr. Farolito Arbiol, Jr. To enhance the Chess Culture concept, provision of different means of training, and preparation of a professional sports team taking the club towards inter-nationality Election of Officers

Chess and Dama Tournament during club meeting.

Chess and Dama Board

Chess Timer

Chess Tournament
YSC Mr. Elmer Melliza To enable each member / student to become an effective, responsible and pleasing servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, trained for works and service that He has prepared for each one to do, by loving one’s neighbor as one’s self. (Mark 12:31).

To disciple students so they may develop a characteristic lifestyle of being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. (Romans 8:29)

To inculcate patriotism and nationalism, foster love of humanity, respect of human rights, and appreciation of the role of national heroes in the historical development of the country.

To teach the rights and duties of citizenship, strengthen ethical and spiritual values, develop moral character and personal discipline, encourage critical and creative thinking, broaden scientific and technological knowledge, and promote vocational efficiency.

Election of officers

Happiness Campaign – Saturday Fever with the Lord (Feeding Program)


Bata-bata Treat Kita

(Christmas Jam)


Bata-bata Treat Kita (December)

Feeding Program (every Saturday)

Feeding Program (every Saturday)
Guitar Club Mrs. Junielyn B. Moquete To use our God-given talents with a humble heart, not to please people and gain popularity but to bring back all the glory to our Most High God.

To teach guitar for beginners and enhance or maximize the knowledge for the average and advanced.

Club Orientation

Discussed about Music

Discussed about the parts of the guitar

Tutorial about basic and minor chords

Song composition

Guitar hands on









Makers’ Club

Mrs. Cabigas and Mrs. Day-yo To provide students the basic principles of homemaking not only for the sake of the individuals but for the family and the community. Discussed the club objectives

Election of officers

Planned for Academic Year activities

Introduced good kitchens’ housekeeping and safety habits in preparing food.

Demonstrated different techniques and processes in food preparations.

Film viewing of food preparation

Prepared native delicacies, simple snacks, bake cakes with icings

Cooking Show Activity

GMA “Boy Lagro Cooking Show”

Cupcakes decoration


Rescue Team Mr. Jacob Imano To be able to help and response correctly in times of emergency.

To provide appropriate immediate care to injuries, accidents and unexpected circumstances.

Election of club officers

Discussed club objectives

Donated toothbrush for the “Toothbrush-Toothpaste for a Cause” in Dagat-dagatan community.

Discussed about how to prevent injuries and accidents.

Fun Run (December)
Basketball Club Mr. Joel Pascua and Mr. Juanito Legaspi To develop the value of sportsmanship and help they grow emotionally, spiritually and physically fit.

To enhance their skills in playing basketball.

Election of officers

Warm up games.

Conqueror’s Basketball Club Tournament

Bible studies and small groups


Three-point shoot-out (invitational)
Science Club Ms. Nelvie Capistrano To provide proper incentive and inspiration for the pursuit of scientific knowledge in vigorous way by broadening their scientific outlook.

To create interest in latest inventions and discoveries of science in various fields and to get acquainted with the life history and contributions of great scientists.

· Election of committees.

· Discussed the club  objectives/purpose and rationale

· Dissecting

· Planetarium Visitation

· Planned for Third Quarter “Science Olympics”

· Evaluated previous activities


 “Science Olympics” Science Fair Visited Planetarium
Math Club Mr. Renato Cipriano Ø  To understand the fundamental concepts of Mathematics.

Ø  – Develop skill in the different mathematical methods of solution.

Orientation and discussion of club objectives.

Election of officers.

Discussion of club mission and vision.


  • Fundamental concepts of Mathematics
  • Solution of Equation in one variable
  • Binomial Expansion
  • Square and Square Root Instruction