Parents and Teachers’ Prayer Power

We believe that genuine transformation, lasting breakthrough and holistic growth is possible only through the power of God. Strong partnership of school and home is a must in order for us to achieve our long term goals for our students. Nothing is impossible with God through praying parents and teachers. Prayer meeting, if conducted properly can be a best venue to forge stronger partnership between parents and teachers.

All parents, guardians and grandparents of FCS students are invited to join us as we pray for the children and teachers/ staff of the school. Initially, we meet every Thursday at the Board Room. For more information, contact Mrs. Rosabella Gulapa and Mrs. Sarah Balce at 645-7163 or email us at



  1. Identify one or more FCS Faculty/ Staff that you would like to pray for the school year.
  2. You will be praying for this person for the entire school year.
  3. Place this paper in a place of Prominence as a reminder to pray.
  4. Email/ text said teacher/ staff and let them know that you are praying for God to do amazing things in and through them this year.
  5. Take a moment and email us at for us to know who you are praying for. This allows us to cover all staff. If you do not have a preference and would like to be given a name or names, please email us as well so we can quickly provide you with that information.
  6. Please lead your family to pray for this person consistently throughout the year.
  7. Prayer items for each special activity and event of the school will be sent as well.


It is our heart to capture what God is doing in our school and in our families this year. Please send your “God Moments” to so that we can record and celebrate together for all that HE is doing in our midst!

Thank you for your prayer support!